"This is what the future of corporate universities is all about"
Maria Tassone, Former GM, Strategy and Innovation, National Australia Bank

The Academy

Lend Lease / National Australia Bank
700 Bourke Street, Docklands, Victoria, Australia
November 2007 - April 2009
Interior Design
  • 3,280m² NLA
  • World-class corporate learning environment enabling NAB to foster its people
  • Physically locates learning at the centre of the business
  • Physically locates learning at the centre of the business
  • Dial-a-mood soundscape – use of music as part of learning and training
  • Multiple use modes including community engagement
  • Inclusive design to encourage interaction and self discovery
  • Flexible furniture and walls to allow for constant change

Interactive corporate training environment that provides an immersive, multi-sensory learning experience.

The Academy at NAB@Docklands is an immersive learning environment dedicated to employee training and development, and community engagement. The 3,200m² space is located in a publicly accessible atrium and represents NAB’s aspirations for corporate social responsibility and public engagement. The Academy acknowledges that different types of learning need different types of spaces, therefore the intent was to create ‘experiences’ not just spaces.

The Academy is the result of a collaborative relationship with responsive environment artists, sonic specialists and the client. It is a deliberately interactive and virtual environment, providing a multi-sensory experience designed to stimulate creativity and collaborative learning.

The journey starts with the timber stair; self-discovery is encouraged as people navigate their own path between the timber ‘blades’ situated through the space. The blades hold speakers for soundscapes and display projections of a ‘Parallel Wilderness,’ the content of which is programmed to be self-generating. The blades also create learning spaces and act as signage.

The ten primary learning spaces of The Academy are technology enabled and offer different types of experiences; from cutting edge 18 metre panoramic simulation walls through to a traditional hands-on approach with butcher’s paper, and white boards. The spaces are supported with specially designed soundscapes allowing facilitators to use music to create different moods and energy levels.

National Australia Bank (NAB)
Bovis Lend Lease Pty Limited
Project Manager, Client
United Group Limited
Operations Management
D&G Ceilings
Mechanical and Acoustic Engineer
Fire Engineer
Robert Bird Group
Structural Engineer
Aurecon Pty Ltd
Electrical Engineer
Installation Artists
The Amber Theatre
Sonic Branding
Technology Installation Managment
Sound and Music Installation and Management
WAF Interior and Fit-out - Commendation
IDA Corporate High Commendation
CEFPI International Lee J Brockway Award for Excellence in Planning and Design
CEFPI Victorian Chapter Award for Education Initiative
CEFPI Australasia Chapter Educational Facilities Awards - ‘Education Initiative/Design Solution for an Innovative Program’ Commendation
700 Bourke Street, Docklands, Victoria, Australia