"A building that celebrates those who work within it that never lost sight of the fact that people are Sovereign’s greatest asset"
Hugh Burrett, Managing Director, ASB Group

Sovereign House

Brief Elements
Northcote Road 1 Holdings Limited
Taharoto Road, Auckland, New Zealand
April 2005 - October 2008
Full Architectural Services
  • 18,000m² GFA
  • Dedicated area for staff to meet with customers
  • Mixture of formal and informal meeting areas
  • Located close to the Reception and outside the 'Friends of Sovereign' security area to ensure meetings are easy managed by reception staff
  • Located close to the lifts to ensure easy access for Sovereign staff to meet with customers
  • Cafe facilities for hot drinks that interfaces with reception / atrium
  • Outside the 'friends of Sovereign' secure zone
  • Delicate language of the façade reduces the apparent bulk of the building
  • Use of quiet materiality and tertiary colours to exude an air of dignity, integrity and discretion
  • Council and fire service involvement throughout the design phase, with computer-based 3D modelling and hot smoke testing, to deliver optimal solution
  • Central atrium facilitates interaction and movement; cafes and toilets accessed by traversing the atrium
  • Cantilevered glass-walled offices allow team leaders to be visibly connected to the workplace communit
  • Workplace reflects Sovereign’s values: the desire to challenge and lead and to support its people

Benchmark sustainable building with a workplace that supports a healthy workplace community and a culture of innovation.

Sovereign House is the head office of Sovereign Insurance, New Zealand, which is part of the ASB Group. The six-storey building accommodates up to 1,000 employees in a contemporary, state-of-the-art workplace environment. The project consolidates staff from five different locations throughout Auckland.

The building is designed from the inside out, reflecting Sovereign’s objectives to create a healthy workplace environment that values the wellness of the individual and makes a substantial contribution to sustainability.

Sovereign House is the first commercial building in New Zealand to use multi-service chilled beam technology rather than conventional air conditioning, creating a massive reduction in energy consumption and a healthier environment for building occupants. The building exterior is driven by the sustainable performance of the interior, with sun-screening to provide the sun-control required for optimal performance of chilled beam technology. The use of sun screening has a major impact on the building’s appearance throughout the day; when the sun shines, the building is alive with light and when it moves away, the people inside the building become visible.

From a workplace perspective the design analogy for Sovereign House is a village – a place that supports a community, giving a sense of ‘place’ or ownership to its residents. At its heart is an internal park like atrium – the ‘village square’ – where the community can gather for meetings, lunch and social events.

Sovereign Services
Northcote Road 1 Holdings Limited
Mainzeal Property and Construction
Main Contractor
Lincolne Scott Australia Pty Ltd
Fire Protection / Mechanical / Hydraulics / Electrical / Security / IT Engineers
Buller George Turkington
Structural Engineers
Harrison Grierson
Civil & Drainage Engineers
Heggies Australia Pty Ltd
Acoustics Engineers
Holmes Fire & Safety
Fire Protection Engineers
Light Works
Lighting Design
Tonkin & Taylor
Geotechnical Engineers
Eric Engelbrecht
Electrical Engineers
Davis Langdon Australia (DLA)
Quantity Surveyors
Parlane & Associates
Traffic Engineers
Octa & Associates
Project Manager
Health Ergonomics
Consultant to ASB for fitout
Smales Farm
Park Manager
LT Consultants-Smale Farm Dev. Mgr
Site Development Manager
Peddle Thorp Architects
Facillities Architect
Hampson and Associates
Sanders Design
Alex Parton Town Planning
McDonald Barnett
Fire Peer Review
Nancekivell Cairn Ltd
Structural Peer Review
Fire Consultants Ltd
Fire Protection (Sub-Consultant)
Transport Design Consultants
Lifts (Sub Consultant)
Designers Institute of New Zealand - Gold Spatial Design for Offices and Workplace Environmentals
Designers Institute of New Zealand - Stringer Best in Discipline Spatial Design for Offices and Workplace Environments
New Zealand Institute of Architects - Architecture Commercial & Industrial Award
New Zealand Institute of Architects - Interior Design Award
The Association of Consulting Engineers New Zealand - Gold Award of Excellence for Fire Engineering
The Association of Consulting Engineers New Zealand - Award of Merit for Structural Engineering
RMB Commercial Project of the Year
RB QBE Insurance Retail and Business Project
Taharoto Road, Auckland, New Zealand