"... we have been paid the ultimate compliment - that this doesn't look like a law firm..."
Andrew Cunningham - Innovation and Networks Partner

Minter Ellison

Minter Ellison
MinterEllison, Farrer Place, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
January 2014 - May 2015
Full Interior Design Services
  • 9,500m² NLA
  • Vertical Strategy - Connection through all 8 Floors
  • Three Floor Client Split Maximising Client and Staff Relationships
  • Generate Floor Planning that Identifies Opportunities for Diverse Work Settings
  • Strong Planning Principles: Flexibility, Connectivity, Collaboration, Choice, Client Experience, Wellbeing

Minter Ellison is one of the largest Australia-based international corporate Law Firms. Established in Sydney in 1827, the firm operates in Australia, Hong Kong, mainland China, Mongolia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

BVN together with Minter Ellison have designed a new workplace over 8 levels at Governor Macquarie Tower, Levels 34 to 41 at 1 Farrer Place, Sydney. Their departure from Aurora Place is significant as it heralds a new approach to workplace design for Minter Ellison, who have adopted a hybrid model of open and enclosed worksettings, in an environment that encourages flexibility, agility and collaboration.

The new workplace consists of 8 levels of roughly 1190m² each in NLA, with shared facilities such as client meeting, dining and café spaces strategically located across 3 contiguous levels that are also shared with Practice Group accommodation. A void representing only 3% of NLA has been created with a cascading internal stair that connects the whole tenancy, providing a tangible demonstration of commitment to increased collaboration and interaction within the firm.

The tenancy houses approximately 600 people. The workplace accommodation strategy is via an innovative approach using 7.5m² offices for Partners and open worksettings for all other staff, however additional worksettings have been included to allow Partners to choose to work in the open with their teams.  At the time of completion, at least 30% of Partners elected to sit in the open to be nearer to their teams, with the ultimate aim that eventually, all offices will cease to be a dedicated and primary place of work, and become a shared meeting room or a place to retreat when individual concentrated work is needed.

The tenancy is designed for a day 2 environment where a free address approach can be implemented without the need to redesign or change any built elements.


Project Manager
Structure, Fire Engineering and Specialist Lighting
Medland Metropolis
Services(Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic and Data)
Acoustics and AV
Philip Chun
Building Certifier
WT Partnership
Quantity Surveyor
Managing Contractor
Cini Little
Catering Consultant
Pop & Pac
Signage Consultant
ABS (Howard Murtrie)
Accessibility Consultant
MinterEllison, Farrer Place, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia