"People are encouraged to interact throughout the building, which generates more teamwork"
Deborah Mayes, Facilities Analyst, Mallesons Stephen Jaques

Mallesons Stephen Jaques Melbourne

Brief Elements
Mallesons Stephen Jaques
Levels 42-51, 600 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
November 2002 - January 2005
Schematic Design, Design Development, Contract Documentation, Contract Administration, Interior Design, Workplace
  • 12,000m² NLA
  • Flexible work settings
  • Research desk
  • Open area
  • Shelving
  • Reading area
  • Training rooms
  • Workroom
  • Library
  • Flexible 'pavilion' work settings, which can be easily reconfigured
  • Each floor focuses around the break-out space, a mixture of formal and informal meeting spaces centred around the kitchen
  • Provision of an internal stair connecting the workplace floors
  • Design balances the need for individual offices with the importance of increased collaboration and teamwork to support the culture of the organisation moving forward
  • Client floor designed as a 'business lounge,' communicating a powerful corporate statement to clients and staff

Legal workplace offering a variety of flexible work settings to support concentrative work styles as well as teamwork and collaboration.

BVN was engaged in 2002 by Mallesons Stephen Jaques (Mallesons) to design a national strategy for its Sydney and Melbourne offices. The solution is founded on the client’s vision was to create a unique work environment that offers a variety of work settings to support the practice’s people and its core business values of excellence, teamwork, innovation, leadership and collaboration. The challenge for the legal workplace is being able to accommodate high level concentrative work styles whilst promoting teamwork and collaboration.

The Melbourne solution starts with the work setting, which is designed to offer the opportunity for individuals or teams to work in varying degrees of enclosure. ‘Pavilions’ replace individual offices; a demountable frame and wall system with an integrated timber ceiling and services. The pavilions, generally clustered into groups of four or six, form a series of neighbourhoods around the floor linked by the ‘boardwalk’, a combination of worktables, open meeting areas, lounge and garden spaces. Each of the typical floors focuses around the break-out space and a new open timber and precast concrete stair.

The library, reinforced as the cultural hub of Mallesons, is vertically linked with the client floor by a series of voids, allowing participation and views between internal and external cultures. Designed as a ‘business lounge,’ the client floor reflects the core values and aspirations of the firm, communicating a powerful corporate statement to existing and prospective clients, and staff.

Swale Hynes Consulting
Client Representative
Colin Ging & Partners
Project Manager
Ove Arup & Partners
Norman Disney & Young (NDY)
Advance Building Approvals
Robert Weaver Group
AV Consultant
Levels 42-51, 600 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia