"There’s great symbolism in equal offices"
Sven Milelli, Senior Partner, McCarthy Tétrault LLP

McCarthy Tétrault Vancouver

Brief Elements
BVN Design Architect, Kasian Local Architect
McCarthy Tetrault
745 Thurlow Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
October 2014 - April 2016
Full Interior Design Services to end of Contract Documentation Stage
  • 6,000m² NLA
  • Workspace should be adaptable to changes in technology and work-culture
  • Design should reduce construction and annual rent spend
  • Space needs to "help us 'Launch the Future' in the way Canadian Law Firm's practice law"
  • Vertical Strategy - connection through all 3 floors
  • One size 10ft x 10ft pavilions for all lawyers
  • Diverse work settings
  • Strong planning principles
  • Sit to stand in all lawyers pavilions

The new Vancouver workplace for McCarthy Tetrault further builds on the firms National Strategy moving all lawyers from multiple sized offices to a single sized office over three floors within the new 745 Thurlow Street building.

The design aims to create ‘harbours’ of settings through small clusters of pavilions, workstations and informal meeting and breakout spaces.

The Vancouver workplace is significant as it builds on Quebec City project model whilst addressing regional differences and requirements due to differing clients.

The new workplace will consist of 3 levels and like its office in Quebec City, shared facilities such as client meeting, and breakout spaces are strategically located across the three levels, creating communities and cross pollination between practice groups. The design and evolution of the workplace model allowed the reduction of the tenancy by 1 floor, from 4 originally leased to 3 floors.

An internal stair connects the floors, with further access to a rooftop terrace, increasing movement, transparency and collaboration between practice groups.

Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning
Local Architect
Read Jones Christoffersen Consulting Engineers
Integral Group Consulting (BC) LLP
Applied Engineering Solutions Ltd
CFT Engineering Inc
Bentall Kennedy (Canada) LP
Turner Construction Group
Construction Management
Scott Constructin Group
Construction Manager
745 Thurlow Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada