"Newstead sets a platform for business excellence that reduces our operating costs and offers a smart new way to work and stay connected"
Terry Effeney, CEO, Energex


Brief Elements
BVN in association with Cox Rayner
Thinc Projects
33 Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead, Queensland, Australia
February 2007 - October 2010
Full Interior Design Services
  • 28,600m² NLA
  • 32,000m² GFA
  • To bring together the organisation into one building
  • General workspace
  • Meeting and collaboration spaces
  • Control room and operations centre
  • Contact centre
  • Wellness centre including gym facilities
  • Outdoor terrace
  • Large, flexible floorplates allow co-location of greater number of employees, improving operational efficiency and collaborative opportunities
  • Floorplates divided by central atria, providing daylight into the floorplate
  • Floorplates cranked to follow street grid to maximise sunlight
  • Communal areas clustered around 3 full height atria, with facilitate interaction between staff members
  • Atria designed as primary circulations spaces by air bridges across the atrium and with sculptural stairs connecting to adjacent floors
  • Transparent meeting rooms (glass walls) promote corporate unity
  • Outdoor balconies and terraces for improved connectivity to the external environment
  • Two separate stair strategies in eastern and western atria to connect the levels and also create transparency throughout the organisation
  • Network Operations and Customer Services divisions are designed to function in emergencies such as major storm events

Sustainable campus-style office designed to promote collaboration, teamwork and corporate cultural unity

The Energex head office is located in a seven level building on Brisbane’s city fringe. The building unites a number of previously dispersed divisions and groups into a single campus-style work environment. Accommodating working and collaborative areas, conference, boardroom and training facilities, a gym and library, the new workplace spearheads a drive for cultural change within the organisation.

Based on a design brief prepared by BVN, the new building provides large (4,500 m²) flexible floorplates organised around three large atrium spaces within the centre spine of the building. The workplace supports the flow of knowledge and fosters greater collaboration within the organisation by creating strong visual and physical connections, and high levels of transparency.
Communal spaces, such as meeting rooms and café/breakout spaces, are clustered around the edge of the atrium spaces, which are also activated by interconnecting staircases.
Flexible worksettings support a range of different work styles. With no individual offices, a series of quiet rooms, meeting rooms, and support spaces are strategically located to create smaller “communities” ranging from smaller teams, to groups and divisions, whilst maintaining the flow of space and the flexibility of the large floorplates.
A number of unique spaces such as a credit union, contact centre, control room and copy services are included.


Robert Bird Group
Phillip Chun
Warrington Bodycote
Services & Hydraulics
WT Partnership
Quantity Surveyor
Thinc Projects
Client, Project Manager
PCA Development of the Year Award
RAIA Brisbane Commercial Architecture Commendation
RAIA Brisbane Interior Architecture Commendation
RAIA QLD Interior Architecture Award
33 Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead, Queensland, Australia