C Drive : ASB Bank

Brief Elements
33 Corinthian Drive, Auckland, New Zealand
January 2001 - January 2002
Full architectural Services
  • 10,000m²
  • Designed from the inside-out to meet job functionality
  • Creating a workplace that attracts and retains staff with amenable facilities and recreation spaces
  • Increased space efficiency; workplace workstation layout betters contemporary market ratios
  • Design addresses business imperatives for corporate cultural change

Challenging traditional space planning concepts to create a workplace that breaks down corporate hierarchy and creates a unique place to work

C:Drive is a multi-use centre tenanted by ASB Bank Ltd. The building, designed in association with Jasmax (Auckland), is located at 33 Corinthian Drive alongside the Albany expressway S.H. 17 north of Auckland. The project addresses ASB Bank’s business objectives to:

– change the way they work;

– change their traditional organisational culture;

– push the bounds of corporate structure;

– reduce hierarchical implications often inherent in workplace design;

– create a point of difference within the marketplace; and

– create a special place to work.

The developer, client/tenant and designer needed to look beyond the ’square box’ to achieve and endorse the final design outcomes to exceed the project focus, bringing innovative thinking into the New Zealand office market workplace.

This innovative design process of bringing the key decision makers together to challenge the traditional space planning concepts started by reviewing the individual workplace and desking system – taking a non-traditional approach to building design and interior design by starting from the inside-out. The building is designed, and interior planning completed, to meet job functionality. In terms of space efficiency, the current workplace workstation layout betters contemporary market ratios.


USA Architectural Record/Business Week Award
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority - Innovation Award
New Zealand Lighting Society Premier Award
AR Award
New Zealand Institute of Building Innovation Award
New Zealand Institute of Architects - Architecture Award
New Zealand Institute of Architects - Colour Award
Property Council of New Zealand Special Purpose Excellence Award
RICS People's Choice Award
33 Corinthian Drive, Auckland, New Zealand