"By 10.30am on Day ONe the place was humming"
Toula Panopoulos, General Manager, Business Operations, Allens Australia

Allens Pilot Legal Workplace

Allens Linklaters
Level 28, Deutsche Bank Place 126 Phillip Street, Sydney
June 2015 - June 2016
Full Interior Design Services
  • 600m²

A collaborative, evidence based approach to defining a new workplace accommodation model 

Building on our successful partnership with the Melbourne workplace, Allens have engaged BVN to help develop a new workplace accommodation model based on deep staff engagement and a 1/2 floor ‘pilot’ workspace that will be tested and evaluated over a 12 month period in 2016/2017.

The learnings from the new environment will be formalised via a 12 month post occupancy evaluation phase, during which many Practice Group teams will occupy and cycle through the space and have the opportunity to provide meaningful feedback.  Many elements that are new to the firm are being trialled, from unallocated focus rooms (no dedicated offices), reduced and redesigned desk geometry and storage, flexible furniture solutions and new technologies that will support and enable mobility, flexibility and encourage collaboration both in and out of the physical space.

The design solution that is being tested is the next evolution of contemporary legal workplace strategy, and while it currently anticipates 100% seating allocation and dedicated positions for all legal and business services staff using the space, the space will easily be able to adapt to be a free address environment at some point during the evaluation phase.

A completely new model of planning has been developed which aims to break down the commonly rejected notion of ‘an anonymous sea of workstations’, avoiding regular rows of work settings, and via a radial ‘hub and spoke’ planning approach aims to ensure that team work is prioritised and that people are able to see each other and have eye contact to increase the speed of communication and enhance the sense of belonging to the space.

A large shared social, collaboration and ‘town hall’ space is being provided for occupants of the space and the wider Allens population, which aims to bring even more people through the space and experience new ways of working for themselves and see first-hand how enjoyable and effective these spaces can be.

Level 28, Deutsche Bank Place 126 Phillip Street, Sydney